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sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2014


Hello to all the owls around the web who cannot sleep.
Most of my life, I've got sleeping problems. I hate mornigs really bad, it's the worst moment because I always feel numb (except when I'm on vacation in a place I wanna be).
The truth is that my mind is wide awake during the night, specially over midnight. I can think clearly, I have my battery on, and I'd like to do like a million things, but I fail, because I condemn to do those things alone... well, In fact, most things I like I have to do them by myself.
So, I'm opening this blog to share ideas and thoughts to those people around the world who feel lonely and misunderstood. Lost and left behind. We can share our experiencs and feel a bit closer and together, at least in a virtual way.
Let me know your stories.
Best for you, even if I don't what it is.

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