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sábado, 20 de diciembre de 2014

Left Behind

So, It's Saturday night in here. It is the day for going out and enjoy ourselves, but imagine if everytime you wanna go out, you fail miserably because you don't have a single soul who can join you.
That's my same old story.
When I was on High School my group of friends didn't like to go to the same dancing places or parties as I liked, just because they didn't give a posibility to the music I liked (and I still do). I mean, I've never been trendy or fashionable, Iwas more into the self expresion of myself and I have love punk rock and alternative music for years.
Anyway, the problem was in those year the lack of reciprocity, because I had to go to the shitty places with nasty music where my friends used to go or liked to go, but they never "sacrifice themselves" to go to my places. However, I gave a shit about them and I went alone. Of course, it was different, I was a teen with no boyfriend, and the nineties weren't so dangerous for going out alone. I really had great moments, but I haven't shared them with people I care of.
But time has passed and things haven't changed much, I mean, they have changed or turned into a new situation. Most people got old or with ancient attitude. They don't wanna go out. Some of them have families, some others are tired or bitter with their grey lifes. Instead of trying new things or to pull out their energy, they only thing they could think of is to go to a bad, get their ass so drunk and complain about their jobs, life, people or whatever it comes of their mouth and tonges.
Is that all? To drink large quantities of alcohol or pick up a person to spend the night and have a moment of "satisfaction"? To act like a bunch of idiots simulating the lost teenage years?
I don't think so! Drinking has never seemed to me an option of fun, or fucking somebody just because I'm horny, it has always been to me like hollow and vain actions... Also, I put in that category taking drugs... I mean, like is shitty enough without drugs, if you get things into your body which confuse you, things are going to be harder and even darker... so you are adding more problems.
Maybe that's the reason I am left behind. I can be in a room full of people but feeling alone because there is nothing in their minds, nothing good to say, think and share, just superficial things... and when I try to do something outside of the box, I'm just Quixote fighting the windmills.
I mantain against the grain, free thinker, trying not to get confused by media, advertizing and people who wants to put you in compartment.
Try to be yourself, being different is good, have your personality, just create... use your imagination - USE YOUR MIND, THINK BY YOURSELF
Anyway, I lost my point, of course, It's Saturday night and I stay home typing this blog entry... kinda a loser, with no friends and with no Solidarity even from the ones I care to go outside.
What do you think of the things I've just expressed?
Leave me your comments

The title is inpired by the Slipknot song and the X-Men Unlimited #14 Cover
No poseo derechos bajo ningún aspecto sobre Slipknot (y sus letras/canciones), X-Men, X-Men Unlimited (y los personajes/historias/títulos que haga referencia), Marvel u otra marca mencionada. - I don't own anything related to Slipknot music and lyrics or X-men and Marvel characters, art and stories.

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