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lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

Straight Edge Life Style

I was almost 17 when I turned officially Straight Edge, so it has been more than 15 years. I’ve never liked alcohol, the times I had tasted it I thought it was disgusting and I couldn’t understand (and I still can’t) why people go so crazy about it. I have never taken drugs or smoke because in those days I was so proud of my brain, and after embracing the Straight Edge (SxE) life style I’ve fully understood that the thing I most appreciate is the fact to think by myself, to see things clear and when you are under the influences that won’t happen at all.
            Most of the things that I do related to SxE life style is to avoid things that can be poisonous to your body and mind, but also are things that give your senses a distortion of reality, and believe me reality per se is complicated, but if you try to hide it with the ‘help’ of drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sex or even coffee, reality is going to become even harder. I mean, maybe you don’t like the reality you are living but you’d better know what you have to face.
            In addition, there is a concept that if you don’t do all these socially accepted things you are bored and anti social, in fact the attention is focus on you as you are doing a bad thing. But well, if the social criterion is to consume, of course they create an image where the smoker, the drinker and the one who has many bed partners is so cool and almost a super hero. That’s actually a characteristic of the postmodernist capitalist industrial society where most of us live and when some people start to open they eyes showing what’s wrong, of course that person pointing the problem is going to become the one who is not going to fit in because of the exclusion that social circles are going to make.

            So, in my opinion, no matter what people say about you, if you have a strong belief like the one I have with SxE life style, make deaf ears to the ones that point you as a freak, and try to spread the word to live in a better way, without blurring their minds and trying to have an opinion by themselves. Believe me, you can have fun without falling in the excess.

Some words about being Straight Edge - Davey Havok

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4 comentarios:

  1. Congrats on the new lifestyle choice!
    May you live a long life of good health and happiness.

    1. Thank u Rose! As you can read above, I am not new un this way of living, but I hace always wanted to share the ideas involved around it. Best for you!!
      PS: I really like your videos and your youtube channel.
      If you want, send me the link and I'll add it here.

  2. Bueno legion saludos, hoy mismo te agrego a los links y te agradezco un montón estaremos en bs as en octubre a ver si coincidimos y charlamos de buena música, con respecto al tema del sxe hace años vivo una vida sin drogas sin alcohol, aun asi no me encasillo ya que he visto gente tatuarse y verse arrepentida , mal. Pero prefiero defender l vida libre y si es libre de drgas y alcohol mejor, no es que no quiera asumir un compromiso, es que siento que ya vivo de esta forma sin llevar la marca... bueee se entiende no? te dejo el correo para que charlemos y me envies algun logo porfaaaa un beso

    1. Esperemos coordinar por e-mail para cuando estés en Buenos Aires.
      Entiendo lo de no llevar la marca, yo no tengo tatuajes straight edge, además es como que muchos no entienden que eso de estas libre de distorsiones, mientras que hay otras personas que piensan q la gente SxE es super violenta y cerrada.
      Nos mantenemos en contacto, y dime que tipo de logo andas buscando! Saludos