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domingo, 4 de enero de 2015

Life thru lens.

Photography can be a way to cheat on time. Some other times, it could be the way to compare how things have been changing over the years (or not).
I have this interesting hobby since my father put his Minolta camera in my hands when I was four. I love taking photographs, I think it’s a wonderful way to keep things in time and maintain them in a specific way in your mind. The camera has been ‘a magic box of memories’ which has been mutating since its creation, having more definition, accessories and being incredible popular; in fact, nowadays almost everybody around the world has access to a camera and knows how to use it without much complication. However, the almost democratic access to a camera is turning the pictures people are taking to a hollow superficial way to show every vain aspect of life. I think photographs are a beautiful and complex media to get other people know about many important things, but it is in dangerous position that the overuse and the over exposure of people in social networks can convert the pictures shot in a vain way of communicating and a meaningless graphic.
            Despite the fact that the quantity of photos taken in this decade is higher than all the pictures that had been taken since the invention of the camera, I think that there could be people who can rescue the core of the image capture in the picture. There are way of showing beauty in everyday life, just knowing how to look things, how to appreciate the situations and putting your eyes in a special look, angle and position. Some things are taken for granted, but when you slow down and take just a minute to admire some beauty that is in front of your eyes, the sensation you feel is of great satisfaction. I have had the great hobby of taking photographs since I was a child and now that I am a middle age person I enjoy this habit of showing life thru lens every day, for example when I walk the streets and I find something special to immortalize in a picture or when I’m on a vacation or trip, it is the thing I most enjoy, showing what we all know and we have seen many times or the rare or unseen things that most people can walk passing through it without even noticed.
            Let’s try to keep the beauty of taken pictures alive without falling in the trivialization of it.

            Let me know what you think and if you want to enjoy my amateur work, follow the link.
I don't own anything related to Minolta or Panoramio or any other trade mark that could be related to this link.
The pictures shown in the link above have been taken by myself, so it is the only property I have on this blog entry.

11 comentarios:

  1. ¡Excelente!!. Coincido en casi todo lo que escribiste. Adelante con el blog.
    Te dejo un enlace al mío
    (en breve agrego el tuyo a la lista de blog amigos).
    Gabriel (Leirbag)

  2. Very fine impressions. Thank you.
    Best wishes and kindly greetings,
    Dachsbracke (Panoramio)
    and Gabriele Müller

  3. Thanks for your article.

    For me photography is not an art for art's sake. It's always a matter of form and content. Of course it's both, but the content is more important.

    The photographer has a task of serving. With the right form the photographer

    shows proper respect for the subject.

    I should say: make a choise.

  4. And I like to say that photography is photography and not painting. So hand's of from the button to change the colours of the photo dramatically. It's blasphemy.

    Do what you like to do, but let us call a spade a spade. A photo is a photo and not a painting.

    1. Bravo! Sono d'accordo con te, assolutamente

    2. Salvatore,
      Grazie per lasciare il tuo aporto e più importatne per leggere il blog.
      Se vuoi poi anche lasciare il tuo link cosi la gente puo vedere le tue fotografie
      Lo migliore per te,

  5. Is perception the reality, as many people think?
    No, of course not. Perception can represent the truth, but can also be a lie.
    Stay away from the image and imagebuilding. It's misleading.
    To live the life is not acting in accordance with the image.
    Live the life in truth, in finding out the truth,
    And this is not a religous concept or notion. I am not a religous man.
    I love the book "Living in Truth" of the Czech writer Václav Havel.

    So, the photo is a very very nice tool.

    1. Your comments remind me of the first time that I've read Plato and I thought how our senses can lie to ourselves giving us a perception with a distortion.
      Best for you

  6. My pictures on Panoramio:

  7. Thank you Gabriel Leirbag and Gabi Müller for the comments and suggestions.
    Hans, I really apreciate your point of view, it is very interesting... when I wrote the article I was traying to share my opinion and feelings about photos and how people now want to show every second of their lives through pointless pics.
    Best for you all