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lunes, 5 de enero de 2015

Straight Edge Life Style

I was almost 17 when I turned officially Straight Edge, so it has been more than 15 years. I’ve never liked alcohol, the times I had tasted it I thought it was disgusting and I couldn’t understand (and I still can’t) why people go so crazy about it. I have never taken drugs or smoke because in those days I was so proud of my brain, and after embracing the Straight Edge (SxE) life style I’ve fully understood that the thing I most appreciate is the fact to think by myself, to see things clear and when you are under the influences that won’t happen at all.
            Most of the things that I do related to SxE life style is to avoid things that can be poisonous to your body and mind, but also are things that give your senses a distortion of reality, and believe me reality per se is complicated, but if you try to hide it with the ‘help’ of drugs, alcohol, promiscuous sex or even coffee, reality is going to become even harder. I mean, maybe you don’t like the reality you are living but you’d better know what you have to face.
            In addition, there is a concept that if you don’t do all these socially accepted things you are bored and anti social, in fact the attention is focus on you as you are doing a bad thing. But well, if the social criterion is to consume, of course they create an image where the smoker, the drinker and the one who has many bed partners is so cool and almost a super hero. That’s actually a characteristic of the postmodernist capitalist industrial society where most of us live and when some people start to open they eyes showing what’s wrong, of course that person pointing the problem is going to become the one who is not going to fit in because of the exclusion that social circles are going to make.

            So, in my opinion, no matter what people say about you, if you have a strong belief like the one I have with SxE life style, make deaf ears to the ones that point you as a freak, and try to spread the word to live in a better way, without blurring their minds and trying to have an opinion by themselves. Believe me, you can have fun without falling in the excess.

Some words about being Straight Edge - Davey Havok

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domingo, 4 de enero de 2015

Life thru lens.

Photography can be a way to cheat on time. Some other times, it could be the way to compare how things have been changing over the years (or not).
I have this interesting hobby since my father put his Minolta camera in my hands when I was four. I love taking photographs, I think it’s a wonderful way to keep things in time and maintain them in a specific way in your mind. The camera has been ‘a magic box of memories’ which has been mutating since its creation, having more definition, accessories and being incredible popular; in fact, nowadays almost everybody around the world has access to a camera and knows how to use it without much complication. However, the almost democratic access to a camera is turning the pictures people are taking to a hollow superficial way to show every vain aspect of life. I think photographs are a beautiful and complex media to get other people know about many important things, but it is in dangerous position that the overuse and the over exposure of people in social networks can convert the pictures shot in a vain way of communicating and a meaningless graphic.
            Despite the fact that the quantity of photos taken in this decade is higher than all the pictures that had been taken since the invention of the camera, I think that there could be people who can rescue the core of the image capture in the picture. There are way of showing beauty in everyday life, just knowing how to look things, how to appreciate the situations and putting your eyes in a special look, angle and position. Some things are taken for granted, but when you slow down and take just a minute to admire some beauty that is in front of your eyes, the sensation you feel is of great satisfaction. I have had the great hobby of taking photographs since I was a child and now that I am a middle age person I enjoy this habit of showing life thru lens every day, for example when I walk the streets and I find something special to immortalize in a picture or when I’m on a vacation or trip, it is the thing I most enjoy, showing what we all know and we have seen many times or the rare or unseen things that most people can walk passing through it without even noticed.
            Let’s try to keep the beauty of taken pictures alive without falling in the trivialization of it.

            Let me know what you think and if you want to enjoy my amateur work, follow the link.
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